Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rise and shine!

This morning we woke up to squeals of delight from the kids!  Our three year old came running into our room screaming "hot-aw-bawoon"!  That's hot-air-balloon to the rest of us.  Turns out not only was there indeed a hot-air-balloon, but there was more than one.  We had 12 balloons peppering the sky right out our back window.  To the kids, this was very exciting stuff and warranted a whole conversation on the ups and downs of the brightly colored balloons.  They carefully watched and counted as balloons went up and down and disappeared out of sight.  For a peaceful 30 minutes we all stood at the window until just 2 balloons remained.  Then the kids went back to their normal morning activities of pestering each other and fighting over who got the most cereal in their bowl... business as usual.

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